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About Rengab Genetics


Rengab Genetics is the result of more than 30 years of research and involvement in the cattle industry. The owner through the years, had contacts with leading breeders like Tom Lasater of Beefmaster (U.S.), Dr. Jan Bonsma of Bonsmara (South Africa), R. Bar-Anan of Israeli Holstein, Dr. Larry Cundiff of the U.S. Meat Animal Research Center, Dr. Rolando Rojo Rubio for tropical dairy-meat production (Mexico), Bernardo Correa of Carora (Venezuela), and other leading cattle breeders.

Rengab Genetics has the objective of introducing new and appropriate genetics and breeding systems to the Philippine cattle industry. Coupled to training programs and other products, this shall lead to the increasing self-sufficiency of the country in dairy and meat products.

Rengab Genetics also has the objective of conserving the Philippine Cattle Breed to play an important role as a source of fertility, docility and hardiness genetics.

Rengab Genetics is the exclusive Philippine representative of European and American cattle genetics companies,


SEMEX (Canada) - American Brown Swiss, American Ayrshire, Milking Shorthorn, Jersey, Guernsey, Beef breeds.


The leading European cattle genetics companies include

Swiss Genetics - Braunvieh, Simmental

Viking Genetics (Scandinavia) - Swedish Red (SRB), Red Danish (RDM), Finnish Ayrshire, Beef breeds

Spermex (Germany) - Gelbvieh, German Braunvieh, Fleckvieh, Vorderwälder/Hinterwälder, Beef breeds

Genetic Austria - Grauvieh, Braunvieh, Fleckvieh, Pinzgauer

GENO (Norway) - Norwegian Red (NRF)

German Genetics International - Red Angler, Rotbunte Dual Purpose, Beef breeds

K.I. SAMEN (Netherlands) - Meuse Rhine Yssel (MRY), Dutch Frisian, Groningen, Beef breeds

Dynamis-Genois (France) - Normande

Genes Diffusion (France) - Charolaise, Prim Holstein

UCEAR (France) - Tarentaise

COOPEX (France) - Montbeliarde

SERSIA (France) - Limousine, Salers, Aubrac, Brown Swiss, Blonde d'Aquitaine

Cogent (UK) - British Friesian, Ayrshire, Dairy Shorthorn, Jersey



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